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ADHD schools - this article discusses the options in education for a teen or child with ADHD. If your teen or child has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder - there are schools that specialize in working with child ADHD.

Children with ADHD/ADD generally need some special help to help them to be successful in their educational experience. Schools and programs that offer a lot of structure and routine help these children become successful. Sometimes they need to be placed in classes where the student to teacher ratio is lower to facilitate more one on one learning. This one on one learning helps the child to stay on task which ultimately leads to them feeling successful in their education.

ADHD children not only need to be put in classes and setting with children of a similar age, but more importantly, children with similar skill levels and emotional and social abilities.

Clear expectations and a good schedule are key for a child with ADHD. These children thrive when they know what is expected of them and know that they really can be successful in achieving the goals set before them. It is very important to set reasonable and attainable goals for these children.

Children with ADHD may take more time in mastering certain concepts. So, while a firm schedule is appropriate, there still needs to be a reasonable amount of flexibility to take into account the child's learning style. Much patience needs to be used in teaching these children.

Medication can help these children but some parents or children opt to try to treat their ADHD with changes in diet and surroundings. It is important for a teacher of these children to realize what options the family are going with and to be supportive of the family's decision.

Before going sending your child to any public school or private school it is very important to make sure that your child's learning behaviors have been diagnosed. This will help you to be better able to put them in the appropriate school for their particular abilities and struggles.

A few ADHD schools that we have found that seem to incorporate these ideals are listed below:

The Fenster School A boarding school in Tucson Arizona. Please call 520-749-3340 for more information.

Learning Solutions Located in Sandy, Utah, this is a program that helps to correctly diagnose a child, believe that there are corrective solutions, and then develop a plan to help the child. This is far more than tutoring, this is long term help for a child with a learning disorder. For more information please call 801-568-3856.

Denver Academy A day school for children with ADHD. This school focuses on the child's success and self-esteem. For more information please call 303-777-5870.

Cedars Academy - "a college preparatory boarding school for children with ADD or ADHD." Please call 1-866-339-0165.

Eagle Hill School - "educated students with learning (dis)abilities by providing an intimate and encouraging community that honors the individual, values learning diversity, and fosters personal and social growth.

The Hunter School "a small, non-profit where young boys and girls with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Asperger's Syndrome are nurtured, educated and celebrated. We offer both a residential program and a day school."

If there is not a private school listed here that meets your needs, you may consider contacting a good local private school in your community that may be able to refer you to a good program for your child.

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